BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Despite our recent warm temperatures, we know it’s inevitable — we’ll soon have more snow in western New York.

Sun protection isn’t something that’s talked about a lot during the cold season, but it’s important. News 4 spoke with a professor at Johns Hopkins who talks about the importance of protecting your skin from UV rays during the western New York winter.

“Sun protection is so important in the winter because we don’t relaize or think about the fact that it’s not very warm,” Dr. Ashani Weeraratna says. “However, we’re still getting a significant amount of UV exposure when we go out in the winter. And for those of you who like to ski in upstate New York, especially…you get sort of a double dose of sun because the sun shines on you and it also reflects off the snow. When 80 percent of those UV rays reflect off the snow, it can cause additional burns.”

Dr. Weeraratna was recently appointed by President Biden to the National Cancer Advisory Board and National Cancer Institute Top 5 Researchers.

You can find more information about skin care in her new book called “Is Cancer Inevitable?”

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