BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Damar Hamlin is back in Buffalo, where he continues to recover after suffering cardiac arrest on the field.

So, what’s next for Hamlin? Deanna Hostler, who serves as a clinical assistant professor at the University at Buffalo’s Department of Rehabilitation Science, joined News 4’s Wake Up! to discuss this.

After a patient suffers cardiac arrest, they’ll need to go through therapy. This can mean physical, occupational — and sometimes — speech therapy. Physical therapy looks to restore things like strength, balance and conditioning.

“It is very individual,” Hostler said of the various recovery outcomes and timelines.

Cardiac arrest is typically the result of an electrical problem with the heart. According to his doctors at UC Medical Center, the best-case scenario for Hamlin is getting him back to the health he was in before kickoff in the Bills vs. Bengals game.

But how often is a person able to get back to 100 percent? Hostler said it just depends on the person. And the timeline can be short or long. A person’s physical health before suffering cardiac arrest plays a big factor in it.

“I would anticipate that Damar has all the positives in his favor right now,” Hostler told News 4.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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