BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Crews are working constantly, trying to clean up Buffalo. City officials expected to have all of the streets passable by Wednesday night, but on Thursday morning,
some residents on Pries Avenue woke up with their street still clogged by snow.

“They have to come up with a better plan because we’re suffering now,” said Colleen Eagen, who has lived on the street for 55 years. “I don’t understand — it’s Buffalo. It snows.”

Those living on Pries Avenue say a pile of snow has been blocking their street for days, leaving nothing but frustration.

“They were on the street, and they only did a section of it,” Eagen said. “Like, are they that dumb that they can’t figure it out that it’s one continuous street? Can you tell I’m fired up about this?”

Pries resident Patrick Dorman, a Navy veteran, also expressed his feelings about the plow efforts.

“My frustration is he didn’t complete the job he was paid to do,” Dorman said. “For a war veteran and a retired firefighter from the City of Buffalo, I feel like I got stomped on pretty good.”

Neighbors told News 4 that they saw frontloaders come to clean up the mess on Monday and Tuesday, but one got stuck and left a pile of snow, which blocks some the road access to their homes. Days later, they still haven’t seen crews come to finish the job. Residents’ frustration continues to grow.

“It’s getting me annoyed because I’m an essential worker,” said Hadja Diallo, who works in healthcare. “I have to go out and help people.”

Jennifer Vrooman discussed how the snow pile caused problems with getting supplies for her family.

“I might have to be getting out to get diapers soon, we’re on our last jug of milk, we gave a jug of milk to our neighbors,” Vrooman said. “So it is almost to the point where, yeah, we’re going to have to get out one of these days.”

News 4 spoke to Buffalo DPW Commissioner Nate Marton, who said, creating snow piles is “an expected part of the process,” but that said those piles “should not be placed to prevent any traffic movement.”

Marton also said DPW plans on sending crews after hearing about these residents’ concerns.

“I think the City is trying their hardest — you can tell they are all getting stressed at this point, because they have been working nonstop since last Friday, last Thursday,” Vrooman said. “So I just try to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they are trying to clear the street the best they can.”

Hope Winter is a reporter and multimedia journalist who has been part of the News 4 team since 2021. See more of her work here.