BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Nate Marton told News 4’s Wake Up! crew on Thursday morning that the city’s streets have had at least one pass through by a plow, with many others receiving more than that.

This update came after the city’s driving ban ended just after midnight. As of now, the areas where there were formerly bans are now under travel advisories.

Removing the thick, heavy snow has not been a quick process, and Marton anticipates the work taking days more to finish.

Even outside the News 4 building on Elmwood Avenue near Hertel, massive piles of snow still cover part of the road, leaving drivers with somewhat limited movement in what’s normally a busy stretch of four-lane pavement.

And these tall mounds of packed snow have done more than make driving difficult; they’re obstructing vision at intersections, too. Marton, during his appearance on Wake Up!, urged people to use caution on the roads.

“It’s winter conditions, still,” he said.

Buffalo has more than 480 pieces of equipment in use for snow cleanup and removal, some of which came from across New York State.

When asked if the city has plans to purchase more equipment, given the effects of this blizzard and the record-breaking storm that took place last month, Marton said it’s not clear what the future holds.

He told News 4 potential plans, including those for purchases, are being evaluated.

The driving ban in Buffalo lasted for nearly a week, and in that time, at least 28 people in the city died as a result of the storm. The death toll for western New York, overall, has surpassed that of the Blizzard of ’77, with at least 38 deaths reported in this year’s blizzard. Of those reported deaths, 37 were in Erie County, while the other was in Lockport.

Anyone who’s looking for their vehicle after it became stuck in snow or abandoned is asked to call the local police district where it was left for more information, Marton said. There is also a list of informative links on WIVB.com, including a link to a list of county-towed vehicles.

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