BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — According to a source close to the recent storm-related flooding at Canisius College, Lyons Hall, the school’s communication studies and arts building, is “fairly well destroyed inside.”

According to the source, who wished to remain anonymous, a major pipe burst near the top of the building and flooded every floor below, flowing down both sets of stairs and the elevator shaft. He said ceilings dropped “everywhere” and that some classrooms had water collected on every surface. He also said all plaster and drywall will likely need to removed.

Canisius College confirmed Monday afternoon that multiple pipes had burst on the building’s third floor, which caused water damage to all of the floors below.

As far as non-structural damages go, the source said all computers in the building were destroyed and the school TV studio’s four HD television cameras and teleprompter were wet. Water reportedly reached the basement, as it flowed “faster than the drains could remove it.”

The anonymous source also said he believes the building will likely have to be taken back to its studs and that the College is still waiting on information from its insurance company. He also said the boilers had to be assessed last week, as they went underwater during the blizzard.

“(Damage) is in the millions for just the building,” he said. “All of the computers and other school plus personal items will possibly match the cost of the construction cost.”

Per the source, at a bare minimum, the College will not be able to have classes in Lyons Hall this upcoming semester, as the building will require a somewhat long-term renovation. Canisius announced on Sunday that it is making arrangements to find new classroom assignments for the spring semester.

The building, which is over 100 years old, will reportedly need to be treated for mold and will likely need its plumbing and heating assessed as well. It will be surrounded by fencing while it is renovated.

“The college is still in the process of assessing the extent of damages,” a Canisius rep said.

The school previously reported damage to the Koessler Athletic Center and Palisano Pavilion as well.

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