BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Harrowing rescues, leading residents to safety by flashlight and discovering stranded cars with people stuck inside. These are just a few of the tasks Buffalo Police officers were doing in frigid conditions during the once in a generation blizzard in December.

The Buffalo Police Department released seven videos of officers responding to calls during the Blizzard of ’22.

Each video, captured on body camera, shows officers responding to calls of stranded motorists and residents on Dec. 23 and Dec. 24. Ranging from a few minutes to over 20, each video shows officers working through high winds, frigid temperatures, and low visibility to rescue those in need and bring them to safety.

Officers described the driving conditions, saying they could not see due to blowing snow. It appears there were two officers per car in these videos, the passenger often directing the driver so the car would not veer off road.

In one video, officers can be seen responding to a woman having chest pains while stranded in her vehicle and transporting her to Buffalo General Hospital.

Officer: Are you having a medical emergency? Do you need to get to the hospital?

Woman: I’ve been having chest pains.

Officer: Okay, so what we can do is… grab your coat. Grab your coat we are going to my police car.

The latter part of the trip was on foot due to their police cruiser getting stuck in the snow.

Officer 1: How much further are we? Anchor Bar is right there. It’s at the corner do you think she can walk? Does she have a hat?

Officer 2: Yeah.

Officer 1: We gotta walk. We gotta walk.

In another video, officers are seen rescuing eight people stranded inside a building, guiding them to two trucks. One officer, on foot, led the trucks by flashlight until they reached Bailey Avenue. He later got into the passenger seat, directing the trucks until they reached the station house. The officer can be heard yelling and he jumps out of the car to hug another officer when they arrive.

Officer: We’re on Elk heading towards Bailey.

Dispatcher: Are you walking?

Officer: I’m only walking them out of Elk Street. I am going to hop in the car once we get to Bailey. It’s getting bad out here.

On Dec. 23, officers found a woman walking alone in the street. She called for help in the distance and they brought her to safety in the police cruiser. Other videos depicted stranded motorists with children and dogs inside their vehicles being assisted by officers.

In the background of several videos, dispatchers can be heard helping with calls across the city.

At times, officers are out of breath due to the challenging conditions, even commenting that their hands, faces, and even eyebrows feel frozen.

Although there were several heroic rescues during the Blizzard of ’22 that led to many lives being saved, 47 residents lost their life across Erie and Niagara counties during the storm.

The full bodycam videos can be found on the Buffalo Police Department’s YouTube channel.

Tara Lynch is a Buffalo native who joined the News 4 team as a reporter in 2022. She previously worked at WETM in Elmira, N.Y., a sister station of News 4. You can follow Tara on Facebook and Twitter and find more of her work here.