Why the change?

The FCC held a spectrum auction to help improve and expand wireless service across the country. This required some stations to change frequencies. As a part of this repack, the WIVB transmission location was moved to Grand Island, NY. In an effort to maximize coverage, we are moving the WIVB/WNLO transmission location back to Colden, NY. To do this, we were required to change our broadcast frequency.

Will I need to do anything to continue watching WIVB and WNLO?

Yes. You will need to perform a channel scan on your TV or converter box. This function can be found in the menu of your TV or converter box. You may also need to adjust your antenna to face more in the direction of Colden, NY.

When will this transition take place?

The transition will take place on July 29th, some time after 10 a.m.

Will WIVB and WNLO be on a different channel?

No, WIVB and WNLO will still show up on 4.1 and 23.1 respectively. This change effects the broadcast frequency, not the virtual channel number.

I watch on cable or satellite. What does this mean for me?

Cable and satellite subscribers will not need to do anything to continue receiving WIVB and WNLO. Our current agreements with local providers will continue after the transition is complete. Your provider will make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you continue to receive WIVB and WNLO programming.

For DISH Network Customers with an antenna, you will need to perform a channel scan to continue using your antenna with your receiver.

Where can I find more info about this transition?

For more information about the FCC spectrum repack, visit tvanswers.org.

An estimated map of our coverage can be found here https://www.rabbitears.info/contour.php?map=Y&appid=25076ff36b48bd81016b668bde571644&site=1

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